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We have a small classroom space for groups at our office. Both Colleen and Ronda can design a workshop to meet your needs (such as study skills, managing conflict, how to conquer stress or creating positive self esteem). Workshops can be completed in French or English. Call us to discuss your workshop needs today!

Please look below for upcoming workshops being offered!

Learning to meet your goals

Teen aged students often "hit a wall" between Grade 10 and university. The combination of development, transition and increased life demands creates a perfect storm that makes it difficult to keep focused, deal with social and emotional pressures, and to be resilient.  In this 2 day workshop, this small, personal group will talk about career planning, study skills and ways to handle stress.


Instructor:  Colleen Bratko                  November 17 & 18 (9:00 to 4:00)


Ages:  15-18    (3 minimum - 6 maximum)     $185.00  (includes lunch)


Call 403-606-9021 or email to register.

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